Jin Seon
Jin Seon
Korean Name 선우 진
Status Alive
Gender Male
Age 17[1]
Relatives Dongsoo Seon (father)
Migyeong Seon (cousin)
Unnamed uncle
Occupation Student
First Appearance Chapter 0

Jin Seon (선우 진, Seon-u Jin; "Seonwoo Jin") is the main protagonist and the ailed son of the murderous CEO Dongsoo Seon.


Jin is a scrawny teenager with pale skin, brown hair and a blue right eye. Because of the "accident" during his childhood, Jin's left eye was substituted with a reddish-brown glass eye, which he hides with his irregular bangs. Due to his brutal nature while dealing with bullies and other opponents, Jin would occasionally appear bruised and cut from his fights.

Many characters would take note on his good looks, mentioning how "cute" he looks when approached.


Jin's common personality is very reserved and quiet but is rather friendly. He also shows traits of naïvety, being incapable of reading the mood or certain basic society manners. As a result, he comes off as very innocent and knows nothing about any "adult stuff" such as pornography. Despite his innocent appearance, Jin is a very good actor, which his father uses to their advantage when luring victims.

Even though Jin wants to be righteous and well-meaning, he has a sociopathic side that emerges in times of intense stress or anger. When this trait shows itself, he shows no fear, uses rather foul language, and most of the time he throws a dark and menacing glare. In his most enraged states, Jin shows no remorse or hesitations for any violent actions he may commit. He is also prone to outbursts if someone were to ask or he notices something that is related to his father.


Jin is the son and only child of G Company's CEO, Dongsoo Seon and an unnamed woman. Apparently sometime after his mother's death, his father tried to kill Jin by throwing him off the roof of a hospital. However, Jin survived the fall but received severe damage to his body: His right arm's joints had to be bolted, one of his heart's valves had to be replaced by an artificial one and his left eye was lost. He also lost all of his memories prior to the event in the process.

Sometime after his recovery, Jin witnessed one of his father's murders. Forced to help Dongsoo dispose of a young woman's body, Jin started developing feelings of hate and disgust for his father and his criminal actions. Those feelings would become stronger and stronger the more Jin helped his father in his murders, to the point when he wouldn't consider Dongsoo as his father, but as "a devil".

His role in Dongsoo's crimes would vary from crime to crime. Sometimes he lured young women to his father's apartment, acted as an excuse to bypass police forces during their escapes and even knocked women down with a wrapped mallet.

Not much of Jin's history is known until the last few chapters, where his true history is shown.

Do not read the below part if you have not read up to Chapter 90, as it contains major spoilers. You have been warned.

The truth behind Jin and his backstory is revealed in the final chapters, in which Jin is about to kill his father but his father makes him recall what actually happened the night his father seemingly pushed him off the hospital roof. A flashback occurs, in which Jin's mother is shown. One day, a young Jin covered with splatters of blood enters the kitchen. Jin's mother, worried, wipes the blood off only to find no injuries. She asks him what he was doing and he claims that he was playing with his father. Jin's mother is confused; as she didn't know what they were doing. As time progresses, she begins to get more and more suspicious of what was actually happening. One day, Jin's mother almost faints as she sees the body of a spider, it's legs arranged neatly around it's detached body, at the entrance of the door where Jin was playing. It is then that she begins to get very suspicious about Jin and Dongsoo.

Jin's mother finds 'The Room' one day, where Dongsoo and Jin had been cutting up a woman. She is shocked and horrified, and immediately grabs her son and leaves, where she begins to see her son as a demon, a little child with black eyes and a horrid smile. She is so distracted in the car by this that she accidentally drives into a truck, and blacks out.

Jin's mother wakes up in a hospital room with Jin next to her, but again, all she can see is a demon. She hugs Jin and continues to cry, and when asked by Jin why, she says 'No reason'. A few days passed, and she instructs Jin to not call his father. She is suspicious of him even more than Jin. However, Jin ys her instructions and calls Dongsoo, and he texts Jin's mother that he is coming. Jin's mother is horrified, and throws her phone off the roof, just when little Jin comes onto the roof to meet her. Jin's mother first starts by telling him that what Doongsoo is doing is horrible, and that it is not normal, and all the women murdered were just like her; they all had families and loved ones. To this, Jin answered that they were strangers, so it doesn't matter. Jin's mother interrogates him, asking him questions like "Do you really enjoy playing with Daddy?" and "Do you love Daddy?" The answer to the former was yes. Her final question was "Do you love me?" and Jin answered "Yes, even more than Daddy." To this, Jin's mother responds by throwing him off the roof, where he comes to a self realization that in order to not make his mother cry, he would need to change. It is here where he wipes his memory about helping his father kill the women and replaces it with his father throwing him off the roof and Jin never harming anyone.


Prologue Edit


Dongsoo giving permission to watch Jin.

Jin is seen at the beginning watching some TV with his tutor. During this, the news had come on to establish some particular kidnappings and appearances, and it seems that this has also blown up on social media. It is also noted on the TV that the abductions were not usually about money. The tutor then turns off the TV, saying that was enough "Rest time" and they had to get back to work. However, Jin didn't seem to pick up on this, as he seemed to have been dozing off. He was snapped out of his little dozing stage by his father with a whack to the head, scolding him about how he should listen to his teacher when she's talking to him.

Jin understands this, relieving Dongsoo in the process. He later tells them he's gonna be off on a business trip in the Philippines, and tells the teachers she's free to watch over Jin as well as have the right to scold him if she needs to. After they exchanged their final goodbyes and Jin getting one last lecture by his father, Dongsoo finally left.


The big mallet behind the painting.

After that, Jin and the teacher engage in small talk. The teacher first acknowledges on how Dongsoo goes on business trips often and it later came down to discussing Jin's personal life and even brought up his mother. Jin seemed to get a little bummed out by this, but did not visibly show it. He suddenly listed certain dates such as Last year's January, the ending of April, and the beginning of December. He asked the tutor if she could pick up on these dates, and seemed heavily relieved that she didn't. He then told her that he was going to the bathroom for a bit, the Teacher told him to hurry back so they can study, which he understood.


Jin after knocking the teacher out.

In the bathroom, Jin suddenly went to a painting on the wall above the toilet, and removed it. Revealing a big canvas in similar size and a big mallet was placed inside, wrapped in several layers of bandages. Jin attempts to pick it up, but somehow ends up dropping it and it makes a loud noise as it falls to the floor. Jin lies and says that it's nothing when his teacher acknowledges it, but then Jin later comes out with the mallet and mercilessly knocks the teacher out, getting a few bloodstains on him in the process. He suddenly later states that the same dates his father went business trips, were the exact same dates that women were disappearing.

Sometime after Chapter 30:

There is a small scene shown in which Faye is shown with a hammer, and it is known then that she is a murderer. Faye talks to Dongsoo, who manages to manipulate her into thinking that Faye must kill Kyun. Faye was seen to already be highly jealous of Kyun, and because of this, she cut the circuit breaker during a dark and stormy night and abducted Kyun while she was in the back trying to fix the breaker. Jin panicked, and attempted to look for her, and ran outside. Faye, who was waiting with a hammer, took a swing at JIn(he ducked), but she did not miss the second time and managed to hit and knock him out. He is tied and gagged and put in the same place where Kyun is also tied and gagged.

When Jin wakes up, he realizes that Faye is indeed the serial killer of the two cases he had no knowledge about. Faye threatens him by telling him that she will "give him an eyeful" before he dies and begins stripping Kyun. However, Jin does not look. Faye is annoyed and asks him why, but he cannot talk because of the gag, so she removes it, all the while threatening she will murder him if he screams. Jin confesses(falsely) that he is "sick" of seeing Kyun's body, because he has seen it many times already. Faye asks him if they have "done it", and Jin agrees that they had sexual intercourse(also falsely). Faye falls for this and mutters about how kids are such rats these days.

JIn continues by telling Faye he would much rather see her body, because he feels that she has "much more to offer", and flatters her by saying how pretty she is. Faye is caught off guard and leaves the room to go shower and change. All the while, JIn, who has a piece of glass, quickly cut off his bonds and continued to pretend to be tied up.

Once Faye came back, she is not caught off guard anymore and states that she will kill him. However, Jin attacks her, and after a short fight in which he is about to kill her, Kyun awakes and tells him, through a conversation purely through emotions, that he should not kill her. JIn consents by slamming the weapon he has(a hammer) next to Faye's head and scaring her so much she passes out.

Jin and Kyun then proceed to call the police, and she is held in custody, where she remains.

Some years after his father's death and his incarceration, Jin was seen serving time in prison where he had one more year left of his sentence. He then smiled as he read the letter he received from Kyun—his one true friend and lover.


Being physically handicapped due to his childhood injuries, Jin usually holds a disadvantage whenever he gets into a fight. However, due to his underlying sociopathic side and Manny Kim's training, he fights with an increasingly merciless and brutal attitude enabling him to defeat slightly stronger opponents, as seen when he fought Beau Park[2] and Faye Kim.[3][4]

Jin also appears to be a good pickpocket, possesses good dexterity and is an extremely convincing liar.


  • "I've got nothing. I don't have a single good memory... Nothing."[5]
  • "School is a jungle. Manny Kim is a Lion at the head of the food chain.(...) Pann Han is like a wolf wandering by his side.(...) Beau Park is a Hyena.(...) And me...I'm just a weak herbivore at the bottom of this jungle."[6]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Written in Korean, Jin's full name is 선우진. The initials of his name (ㅅ,ㅇ, and ㅈ) are also the initials of "살인자," which is a Korean word for "murderer".
  • Jin's sociopathic tendencies probably stem from his upbringing with his murderous father and the countless immoral actions he perceived and had to commit.
    • He thought what his father did was normal, until his father's "work" was talked about in school and news.
  • It is speculated that Jin wouldn't have paid the price for what he did under the criminal defense of DURESS (the act of committing violence in fear of one's own life or their family's lives or physical harm). Jin's father was a serial killer and he could've easily eliminated Jin at any moment he became a threat to his "operation". This would easily come under Duress in court and Jin would be cleared of all charges.


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