Dongsoo Seon
Dongsoo Seon
Korean Name 선우 동수
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives Jin Seon (son)
Migyeong Seon (niece)
Unnamed older brother
Occupation CEO (of G Corporation)
First Appearance Chapter 0

Dongsoo Seon (선우 동수, Seon-u Dongsu; "Seonwoo Dongsoo") is Jin Seon's father and the executive CEO of G Corporation.[1]



Dongsoo is a tall man with a notably defined musculature with rather well-kept brown hair. He has been noted to be a very handsome gentleman.


Dongsoo is a charming man with a certain charisma about him. He often gives off a very approachable and friendly aura.

According to Jin, Dongsoo has certain standards on females he finds attractive and worth murdering. These standards include:[2]

  • Colourless rather than dyed hair
  • Neat, plain clothes and makeup rather than girls with an intense, serious look
  • Preference for puppy types over kitten types
  • Preference for cute girls rather than mature women
  • Preference for round faces rather than long ones
  • Preference for kind eyes rather than fierce ones
Dongsoo's creepy face

Doongsoo's murderous side

Dongsoo has been noted to have an obsession with social standing and an obsession with a fake reputation.[3] He is known by his son to be extremely manipulative, abusive as well as being a two-faced liar, willing to blackmail anyone who stands in his way in order to get closer to his main goal. His victims include his own son, as seen when he tells Jin he's willing to use his feelings for Kyun Yoon to his advantage. He even forbids Jin from working out in case his son plans to go against him, since he needs Jin to be physically weak so any plans he makes falter.

Dongsoo seems to possess a twisted sense of morality, likely the result of years killing people. He thinks killing people is natural since others who kills people indirectly, like bullying or firing poor people for profit, is the same as directly killing them. He also claimed that what he does isn't for 'fun', but something as natural as eating and therefore a natural thing to do.

It has been revealed that much of his apparent abuse against his son is the result of Jin's paranoia and amnesia and Dongsoo's own murderous nature. He actually loves to torture and kill people with his son, which he thinks is his best time, something that pre-amnesia Jin also shares. It is why he tried to go back to that routine, only to be dismayed that his amnesiac son developed disgust for it.[4]

He is also very protective of Jin, and quickly loses his rational and cunning thought when Jin's life is threatened, becoming sloppy.[4]


Prologue Edit


Dongsoo scolding Jin

Dongsoo was first seen in the manga gently punching his son, scolding him for not listening to his tutor. Upon seeing his son understand, he then told the tutor he was off to attend a business trip in the Philippines and told her to keep watch of Jin while he was gone. He then exchanged his goodbyes with them along with telling Jin to listen to his teacher while he was gone. After Jin made small talk with his teacher and lied about going to the bathroom, Jin then grabbed the wrapped hammer hidden in behind the painting and mercilessly knocked the teacher out stating that the times where his father went on "business trips", were the exact same dates that certain women disappeared.

The plot continues in a mind game between Dongsoo and his son, JIn, and their attempts to kill(in Dongsoo's case) and protect(in Jin's case) a certain person.


Athleticism: Dongsoo has proven to be incredibly ruthless and more than capable of killing even grown men with seeming ease[5] showing absolutely no hesitation when it comes to ending someone's life.[6] However, this does not mean he is skilled or experienced when it comes to physical combat. He was noted to have a lack of fighting experience and this lack of experience was notably highlighted when Mandeuk overwhelmed and knocked him out in their one-sided scuffle.[6]

Manipulative: It is noted that Dongsoo has rather incredible manipulation skills, seeming to possess effortless ease in tricking others into getting what he wants.

Extremely calculative: Dongsoo appears to always be a step ahead in the game throughout the episodes, and it is seen that he always has a plan, which he follows through calmly and precisly.

Chess master: Just about everything in the comic is involved with Dongsoo somehow. He manipulates every single important character in the story in order to confuse everyone or turn them against each other.

Stalking/Teleportation: Dongsoo has the skill to secretly stalk the person he is interested in. This is a common attribute even almost every killers have, although readers name it teleportation.This ability has earned him the title "Stalking Horse and Slenderman by fans.


  • "The reason I gave you "the stuff", was not because of money. It was for those girls who briefly gave me pleasure... for their new lives and for a beautiful farewell. It's love. Love!! Love, I say."[5]
  • "The world is much more fair than you think, so if you get always end up losing something else. (...) But there are forms of happiness where you don't lose anything.(...) They are...kindness, service !"[1]
  • "Hitting a person and stabbing a person are fundamentally the same...Weather you kill people directly or indirectly it's fundamentally the same."

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • He has been seen smoking quite a few times throughout the manhwa, although whether it is an addiction or not is unknown.
  • The fandom often joke that he has teleportation abilities because of his ability to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Dongsoo was the person to purchase the painting that the hammer is hidden behind in the bathroom as seen in Ep. 92's after-credits panels. It was by a French painted by Thomas Couture entitled "A Father and His Son". He presumably bought this to show Jin his love for him, despite what they were doing and the risks. It is also noteworthy that Dongsoo jumps off the roof with this painting in Ep. 92, possibly referencing what Jin said in Ep. 91 about if his father loved him then he'd die with him.


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