Chapter 69
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Chapter 69
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Korean 6th November, 2015
English 3rd October, 2016
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Chapter 69: With Dongsoo issuing Jin the ultimatum, Manny tells Mandeuk to continue following Dongsoo. Dongsoo then chats business with his business partner.

Later, Dongsoo comes home to find Jin sitting in the dark in the living room. Pulling up a seat, Dongsoo sarcastically greets his son and asks what conclusion he came to. Jin replies that he would do it before detailing to his father what he would do once this was all over. Reminding his father of the time he asked whether he could live without him, Jin says that he could as long as he had Kyun. As Dongsoo goes to compliment his son, Jin starts telling some home truths before telling his father that this would be the last time he helped him. As Jin asks what he had to do, Dongsoo thinks in his head that it would be the last time.

The next day Jin reluctantly goes up to the target, puts a pill in his mouth and then falls into her. She defensively pushes Jin away (while he bites down on the pill) causing him to froth at the mouth and convulse after hitting the ground. As people start to wonder if he was okay, Jin silently apologises in his head for his actions...