Chapter 68
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Chapter 68
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Korean 30th October, 2015
English 26th September, 2016
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Chapter 68: Dongsoo checks underneath his car to find no-one there before driving off. Relieved, Mandeuk relays what he saw to Manny who is shocked with what he hears.

Meanwhile, Kyun returns home and tells Jin where she had just been, freaking him out. Saying she was insane for going, Kyun blindly tells Jin that she had told his father everything. Saying that everything had been settled, Kyun ushers Jin out and tells him to go home.

On the street, Jin rings his father and immediately demands to know if Kyun came to their house which Dongsoo confirms. Dongsoo then says that he really liked her after meeting her and wanted to hang her upside down. He goes into graphic detail about what he would then do to her, much to Jin's extreme disdain, causing the latter to scream for him to shut up. Jin begins to threaten his father until the latter reveals that he was actually speaking about a new target: the personal assistant of a business partner. Saying the woman looked like Jin's mother, as per usual, Dongsoo issues Jin with an ultimatum: help him one last time and he would be willing to let Kyun go...



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