Chapter 67
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Chapter 67
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Korean 23rd October, 2015
English 19th September, 2016
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Chapter 67: Manny wakes up with a start from a nightmare of the day of the crash. He then receives a call from Kyun Yoon asking where Jin lived.

Mandeuk comes in asking if Manny had had a nightmare. Manny replies he hadn't but then asks Mandeuk for a favour: to follow Dongsoo Seon and not get caught. Manny remarks that Mandeuk was brave and asks if he was afraid of a serial killer. Mandeuk asks if Dongsoo was a serial killer and Manny replies that he was going to find out.

The next day, after making sure Kyun had arrived safely, Mandeuk moves on to his prime mission. Getting into Dongsoo's complex parking lot to wire a transmitter on to his car, he got down to work. As he was telling Manny what he wanted for dinner, he sees Dongsoo approaching and recalls Manny's words to him the previous night. Meanwhile, as Dongsoo walked over to his car he spotted a motorcycle helmet beside it. Alerted to the suspiciously out-of-place object, Dongsoo flicked out his pen-knife and swooped down to take a look underneath his car...



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