Chapter 56
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Chapter 56
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Korean 7th August, 2015
English 4th July, 2016
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Chapter 56: Kyun asks why Miss Kim would attempt to murder her but the woman merely spits that Kyun pissed her off. Kyun is confused by the response but Jin affirms that people like Miss Kim never have a reason to kill.

The police eventually arrive on the scene and arrest Miss Kim, as well as taking statements from Jin and Kyun. Miss Kim soon finds herself locked up in a cell, her face plastered with a dumbfounded expression.

A few days later, at the park, Jin and Kyun talk about how the recent event had had an effect on life. Kyun then mentions how Miss Kim had seemed so normal and Jin quietly says there was a difference between seeming and actually being normal. Kyun then wonders if the recent disappearances of girls were due to Miss Kim but Jin feigns ignorance before saying the police would solve it soon. Noticeably unsettled and trembling, Kyun muses how terrifying it was that someone like that was near her and unconvincingly tries to play off her fears. Jin flatly says he'll protect her and the two look at each other in silence while blushing, before Kyun teases him for it. Jin then quickly tells her that they'd be busy the next day as witnesses for the case and Kyun wonders if they would get a reward, but Jin teasingly reminds her that he did everything while she was passed out.
After a brief pause, Kyun thanks Jin for saving her and Jin thanks her back for stopping him. Kyun replies that he wouldn't have gone through with it anyway, leaving Jin unconvinced, but she assures him he would have. Kyun then says that he really is a good friend. Jin gets up and mentions that people's greed knows no bounds before saying that while initially he was happy her referring to him as a friend, now he didn't like the term. As a blushing Kyun looks at him in surprise, Jin tells her he has three seconds to slap him. Bewildered by his statement, Jin proceeds to kiss Kyun. Pulling away, he counts to three while Kyun can only babble in shock. Noting that three seconds had elapsed and she hadn't slapped him, Jin kisses Kyun once more.