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• 5/9/2016


A thread to discuss spoilers in the series and how to present them on the wiki.
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• 5/11/2016

I'm in the process of trying to translate every chapter before typesetting again! Currently I'm on 76. Should I post my (VERY tentative) translations for each chapter on a blog or something, so you can go ahead and read them and don't have to wait for me to typeset them? Unless you're okay with me sitting here and just straight up telling you what happens ahaha

• 5/11/2016

Damn, not many chapters left then !

As a huge fan, obviously there's a huge part of me that really wants to know what happens RIGHT NOW !! But at the same time, I really enjoy reading the typesetted chapters on imgur... so I think I'm gonna wait hehehe (since I know binge reading manga/manhwa leaves you with a massive hole once you've finished reading hahahaha).

I think for now, wiki-wise, we should just add info on the chapters you've already uploaded to imgur. Once they've all been added, then we can move on to the chapters you haven't yet typesetted methinks. What you think ?

Oh, and you're an admin now too ^^

• 5/11/2016

Sounds good! How do you want to split the work on adding information about the chapters? And thanks for bestowing admin status upon me, haha

Yeah, waiting is probably best if you want to get the full impact of the series. Since my Korean is pretty damn flawed, I ended up having to look up words and expressions pretty often as I read and it really broke the flow during crucial moments of the story. Part of why I'm taking extra efforts to typeset instead of just posting translated scripts is because I want to save others the trouble of going back and forth from looking at the illustrations and reading the text.

I'm going to try to translate everything by the end of this week and then try to do at least four chapters a week. I'd try for one chapter every day, but I'm going to be starting a part-time job soon and it'll take a lot of my time away (so much for summer break...) :')

• 5/11/2016

So I'm trying to balance running admin-ing 7 wikis simultaneously as well as trying to revise for my exams hahaha. Chapters 0-44 need chapter summaries written for them, so I might start adding them as soon as I can. You could create new chapter pages and add info on them if you'd like ?
Wait... do you know how to create new pages, add/utilise templates and the like yet ? I can show you how if not, or we could switch roles ?

Patience FTW !! Well the fact that you can understand Korean at all is a massive bonus ! So thanks for your efforts bro XD

Okey dokey bruh, I'll be more than happy with that XD
Part-time job eh ? Gotta get that money right !? XD

• 5/11/2016

LOL No, I don't know how to create new pages and do all the things with the templates. I think you might've noticed that I created two pages, dropped images of characters, and abandoned them, haha. I'm absolutely /horrendous/ with this kind of stuff. But it wouldn't hurt to show me! If I pick up on it fast enough, it'd probably be more efficient and better in the long run, especially since you're working on so many other wikis plus exams. Props to you!

• 5/11/2016

Oh yeah, you did create those two pages actually ! Coding is really easy once you know how !

I'm going gym right now so I'll lay down the basics once I've finished in an hour or so !

• 5/11/2016

Wiki Lesson 1: Wiki Markup
The first page I'd recommend bookmarking/looking over is this page if you get a chance. (It's surprising how many users don't know how to do things like this.) I'd then heavily recommend looking over the extra and link (and table) examples that are the bottom of the above link's page. In a nutshell, these pages will take you from a beginner wikian to decently-skilled wikian. Easy right ?
Oh yes, ALWAYS USE SOURCE MODE/CLASSIC EDITOR !!! Visual Editor is for amateur wieners who will never learn how to properly edit !

Wiki Lesson 2: Templates
I'm gonna be lazy and recommend you visit this page (they'd explain it better than I could anyway). After that, let me show you the templates that are used extensively on the wiki:

  • {{Chapter}} - the Chapter template which is used exclusively on chapter pages; the template's doc explains how to use it
  • {{Character}} - the same as above except for the character pages
  • {{Scroll Box}} - adds a scrollable box which info can be added inside; template's doc explains how to use it
  • {{Scroll}} - same as above except without the box ^^
  • {{tt}} - for example, this: {{tt|Nothing to see here|HAHA I LIED !!}}, would give this: Nothing to see here
  • {{at}} - same as above (hover over me)
  • {{Hidden}} - hides stuff; its doc explains how to use it
  • {{clr}} - read the doc, it'll tell you what you want to know

I think that's all the main templates. To look at all the templates we have, visit here.

Wiki Lesson 3: Editing the Bastard Wiki
So now you know how all the little bits work, it's time to edit on the Bastard Wiki. It's really easy, so visit the Layout Guide page to find out how we like things set out. I personally tend to copy-paste an old chapter/character page on to a newly created chapter/character page and then update from there (seems quicker to me).
Also, I'll make you aware of the ChapterLink page (but don't pay too much attention to it if it seems overwhelming).

Extra Wiki Lesson: Tricks & Skills
If you wanna know how to do extra bits and skills, visit these pages:

Finally, just to show you how wikitext can be used destructively nicely, the coding below is used on my user page,
<center>{{PB|{{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}}|7|height=16px|width=370px|color=green|text=yes|ta=center|s=12px|h='''Building User base'''|b=complete.}}</center><br />

|image        = [[File:DEMOTIVATE.jpg|250px|link=wikipedia:Special:Random|Feeling demotivated yet ?]]
|korean-name  = {{tt|데모티베이터|Rough translation}}
|status       = Active
|gender       = Male
|age          = ???
|relatives    = None
|occupation   = Founder
|debut        = [[Thread:82|The Start of the Wiki]]
}}[[Special:Userlogout|{{at|Some people just want to watch the world burn... I am one of them ;)|BURRRRNNNNN !!!}}]]

<center>[[w:c:abyssal:Special:MyPage|<span class="button" title="The common.css will burn your eyes out...">Awesome css!</span>]]</center>

==Emoji Bastards==
{{Hidden|Smilie Bastards|
{{Hidden|Monkey Bastards|
{{Hidden|Pokémon Bastards|

{{w:Magic Words}}

{{w:HTML Tags}}
<center>{{at||The Ancient Emoji Dragon}}</center>

You'll be a coding expert in no time Jinnamonroll XD

• 5/11/2016

Thanks for taking the time to write this up!!! I'll get started on learning the ropes now, ahaha

• 8/19/2018

Dongsoo did love Jin

Dongsoo has a criteria for the women he kills. He kills women that look like his wife. I believe he does this because of the love he holds for Jin. When Jin was young, he discovered his Dad’s secret hobby. However, Dongsoo, in his insanity, enjoyed this time even calling that “time alone the greatest moments with my beloved son”. Dongsoo connected to his son and saw himself in Jin. This is why Dongsoo is constantly telling Jin that he is the same as him. This connection with his son ended up heightening his anger and delusion when Jin’s mom attempted to kill Jin. From there on out, Dongsoo began killing women that looked like his wife to satisfy his anger and also to prevent him from people like her.

After Jin confessed his love for Kyun to his Dad, He wasn’t accepting at first telling Jin that first loves always pass probably because Kyun reminded him of his wife and his trauma made him want to protect Jin from people like his wife. Also cause he’s a psycho and wanted to kill her lol. Dongsoo then immediately started testing Kyun after he figures out that Jin’s “a man” :). He did this because he knew Jin wasn’t bluffing but he wanted to make sure she was the one. He never intended to kill her because he didn’t yet know her true nature. Therefore, Jin was ultimately protecting her from nothing throughout the majority of the WEBTOON. Dongsoo even admitted that he was testing Kyun and that she passed: “She’s a reliable girl, worthy of leaving my only son to.” Dongsoo kept on targeting Kyun and exposed Jin attempting to murder Ms. Kim to her (the Chinese lady), to make sure that Kyun would accept Jin for who he is (a murderer). Jin’s Mom didn't accept Jin for being a murderer and tried to kill Jin and Dongsoo didn’t want that to happen again. He was just trying to keep Jin safe and make sure Kyun wouldn't try to hurt/kill. He knew she would most likely find out he was an accomplice eventually.

You may be still convinced that Dongsoo was using his classic lying and manipulation tactics to just to mess with Jin psychologically. I don’t blame you, however, he had no reason to. Dongsoo’s reasons for lying have usually been to either save himself or to manipulate and kill others. He did neither of these things during he and Jin’s final interaction. He let Jin go with Kyun, whom he never harmed, he never even drew her blood. So he didn’t want to kill Kyun or manipulate Jin. He kept his word: “If Kyun understands the way you are and keeps loving you, then it’s a complete victory for you. As for saving himself... we all know how that ended. The last slide of the WEBTOON shows Dongsoo’s mangled corpse on the concrete, still clenching the painting titled ‘A father and his son....A symbol of his twisted love for Jin...
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